Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I gain access to Aurora Capital’s premium finance platform?

A: Simply contact our office and speak to an account executive for more information.

Q: What do my clients need to qualify for your program?

A: A strong insurance need, net worth of $5MM or greater, strong cash flow and good credit. Additionally, we provide premium financing for corporations as an employee benefit program.

Q: How does premium financing benefit my clients?

A: Our programs allow your clients to NEVER WRITE ANOTHER PREMIUM CHECK. The power of retained capital – the opportunity gained in using “other people’s money” to keep your client’s assets intact.

Q: I’m not sure if my firm allows for premium financing – What do I do?

A: Simply reach out to Aurora Capital to discuss – as the only CFP board certified educator on Retaining Capital Through Premium Finance, one of our account executives with have the answer.

Q: What are your typical loan terms and rates?

A: Aurora is capable of achieving an exclusive 15 year term loan for our California-based clients. This is extraordinarily unique in today’s marketplace. Additionally, Aurora can achieve loan rates as low as 30 day LIBOR + 150 bps, with every variety of floating, collared and fixed rate options – including more sophisticated interest rate hedging strategies such as swap rates.

Q: Are these loans full recourse or non-recourse?

A: Aurora can obtain both full recourse and non-recourse (no personal guarantee) loans. However, each facility must be fully collateralized (policy values + additional outside collateral).

Q: Who is the borrower?

A: Typically, the borrower is an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT) or separate entity for estate and business planning purposes.

Q: Is the strategy tax-deductible?

A: Aurora does not offer tax advice. You must consult your independent tax advisor.

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