Premium Finance Life Insurance

At Aurora Capital Alliance, we work with advisers and clients across the country in the design, implementation and administration of life insurance premium finance arrangements. The life insurance premium financing programs offered by Aurora Capital Alliance introduces an alternative funding method for the purchase of large life insurance policies for high net worth individuals. By implementing our financing arrangements, high net worth individuals and businesses are able to purchase the life insurance policies they require with a bank’s money, thereby achieving flexible cash flow and potentially a large savings component.


At Aurora Capital, we work with advisors and clients across the world to create a creative funding solution tailored to the individual needs of the client. As a program endorsed by main insurance carriers and brokerage groups in the industry, and being one of the most successful premium finance programs, Aurora Capital is confident to deliver advisors and their clients the utmost quality and service.

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Times are changing in the premium financing industry. Over the past several years, aggressive agents have placed their clients in failing non-recourse transactions, making for substantial chargebacks and a clouded industry. Productive carriers are now changing their approach to regulating these transactions by breathing fresh air into a fee-only approach to premium finance. But before looking forward, we must look back to a psychology fueled by greed, one that cast a shadow of uncertainty on the industry.

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The ACA  strategy is an innovative financing strategy that provides you with the funds to pay your life insurance premiums without liquidating real estate or portfolio assets. With Aurora Capital, you borrow your premium funds from the lenders.With the ACA Program, you can borrow funds to pay your life insurance premiums at competitive interest rates by providing a personal guarantee and using your life insurance policy’s cash value as collateral. Depending on your plan design or policy performance you may be required to post additional collateral.

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Sophisticated strategies for affluent client needs. Aurora Capital is your one-stop shop for all life insurance premium finance related needs. Including:

  • Exclusive access to unique and multiple sources of capital
  • Full service from case design, origination and annual renewals
  • Full service for brokerage groups seeking to increase life sales
  • Back office support for the independent producer
  • Administration support for banks seeking to increase their revenue and client services
  • Lead educator in the premium finance space, teaching courses for the CA DOI and CFP Board internationally


"Through the years I have worked with many case design teams. All of them promised dedication, expertise and support. A few delivered some of these promises and the people at Aroura Capital deliver all of them. From the top down everyone is committed to the same objective; guide the advisor and client through what can be an extremely complex and daunting process. They provide help in prospect qualification, case design, case management and finally implementation."

Anton AndersonCo-Founder, Elite Resource Team

“We have been working with Aurora Capital for years and strongly recommend them. They are an exceptional group with an ability to close large cases. They go the extra mile!”

Dave Doerr