Premium Finance - Refinance Program

 Our clients save on average $90,000 in loan interest in just the FIRST YEAR. Our program has:

  • 2% Borrowing rates
  • Proprietary Premium Finance Management portal to manage borrowing rate and policy performance
  • No origination fees or doc fees(unless you would like to charge one)
  • No administration fees
  • Flexible collateral
  • No relationship required, No case split 

Best part, you get our combined 100 years of experience in premium financing to help you and your client administer their premium finance plan each year with our proprietary portal! 

Schedule a 15 minute call to learn more and see exactly what rate your client you receive. If you would like to charge a broker fee you can and we can roll that into the loan balance. 

Annual Savings
Total Savings over 10 years

Proprietary Client Portal

Manage loan details and policy performance in one convenient dashboard. This includes in-force policy performance, loan performance schedules, collateral valuations, secure document storage, important dates (crediting, loan anniversary) and secure communications between clients and their trusted advisors. Combining this technology with our 100+ years of combines experience creates state of the art premium finance policy administration. 

Meaningful Savings

Our average client saves $90,000 just in the FIRST YEAR of refinancing their premium finance loan wth us. Over the course of time these savings are substantial. Combine these savings with our premium finance policy management and your client’s premium finance plan is back on track.